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Ubercart: Add Unit Price to the Shopping Cart Table.

We are working on an Ubercart store running Drupal 7 and we needed to add the price per unit to the shopping cart page. I didn't see any options for enabling this in the store administration area so I began looking for some code to make this happen. I came across this post,, which was close to what I needed, but I figured there was a theme function I could use instead of a custom module.

Drupal Views Slideshow: Prevent widowed items on slides.

We have a site that is running the views slideshow module to display advertisement images. Recently a client asked us to prevent these advertisements from displaying only one item on the screen. In order to do this I began dissecting the views slideshow module code and I came across the template_preprocess_views_slideshow_cycle_main_frame() function. This function takes care of rendering the rows.

Drupal Multisite: Preventing a sub-site from getting indexed by search engines

Today I needed to prevent a Drupal 6 website from getting indexed by the search engines. This would normally be a relatively easy task by having the robots.txt file disallow everything. The problem I ran into was that I was using Drupal's multisite feature and I needed to prevent a sub-domain from getting indexed while the main site continued getting indexed.

Views: Taxonomy Term View: Display only one node per taxonomy term.

Today I was setting up a website that was using FlickrSync to pull images from Flickr. FlickrSync creates one node per image and uses Flickr's tags as taxonomy terms. Perfect.

I created a new Term view to pull all taxonomy terms associated to the 'Gallery' vocabulary I had created. The problem I ran into was that the view pulled ALL image nodes tagged with each gallery term. This was not what I was looking for. Instead, I wanted a list of each term and one image node, not all nodes.

Registering views_handlers for Views 3 and Drupal 7

I've recently been exposing a custom module's data to views 3 in Drupal 7. I copied the code from the uc_product module and for some reason, I couldn't get my views handlers to get registered with the system. Everything I tried would result in a broken/missing handler error. After scouring the online views documentation,, I finally found a line directing me to the advanced help module.

Drupal Menu: Add Primary Menu Parent to the Beginning of the Secondary Menu

Today I needed to take the parent menu item from my primary links and add it to the beginning of my secondary menu links. To begin, my menu structure looks like this:

  • Primary 1
  • Primary 2
    • Secondary 2.1
    • Secondary 2.2
    • Secondary 2.3
  • Primary 3

Default Menu Setup

The $main_menu variable will print a list item with:

  • Primary 1
  • Primary 2
  • Primary 3

When you click on the 'Primary 2' link the $secondary_menu variable will display: