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Ubuntu Error Rebooting

Today we noticed a weird error where our CMS software was unable to write files to the server. Upon investigating, it appears the /tmp directory filled up the hard drive, which prevented file writes to the server.

We rebooted the server and it took 20-30 minutes to reboot. The AWS boot logs were saying:

"A start job is running for Create Volatile files and directories"

As it turns out, the /tmp directory is only cleared on reboot. Since there were so many temporary files on the disk, it took that long for the server to delete the files before coming back online.

SSL Certificate Revoked

Today I had a client call and say their website wasn't loading under SSL. When browsing to the site, we got the error "This organization's certificate has been revoked."

So, I quickly setup a new certificate for them using, which got the site back online. However, figuring out why the certificate was revoked is still a mystery.

I came upon this post to check the original certificates status.

Rebuilding a TMGMT Job File

Today I had the need to regenerate an HTML file that was generated via the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT). Essentially, the HTML file that I needed to export was escaping all of the HTML tags. After fixing this, I needed to re-export the HTML file. TMGMT doesn't give you the option for this, for good reason, but since we hadn't imported anything yet, it was safe for us to do this.

CURL Upload a file to a Drupal Form

In order to upload a file to a Drupal form, you need to be sure to include the hidden form_id input. After that, it is just a matter of using the name of the html element. The code looks like this: [geshifilter-bash] curl -X POST -F 'form_id=MY_DRUPAL_FORM_ID' -F 'files[xml]=@/path/to/my/file.txt'[/geshifilter-bash]