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Upgrading Aegir 0.4beta2 to the Current 1.6 Version on an AWS Server

In a related note to the backup restore that I performed yesterday, I decided to run the script provided by

First, I downloaded the script to my restored EC2 instance

wget -O ''

Next I logged in as the Aegir user and ran the script per the instructions:

su -s /bin/sh aegir -c "sh"

The status message displayed mentioned that drush could not be manually updated due to a permission error. It seems the Aegir user didn't have access to drush.

aegir@ip-10-190-231-119:~$ sh
==> Drush found in /vol/aegir/drush/drush.php, good
==> Aegir 6.x-1.6 automated upgrade script
==> This script makes the following assumptions:
* you have read and have prepared the server accordingly
* you are executing this script as your "aegir" user
* that the following settings are correct
The Aegir version to upgrade to is 6.x-1.6
The Aegir home dir is /vol/aegir
The new hostmaster platform will be /vol/aegir/hostmaster-6.x-1.6
Your Aegir domain is
Your old hostmaster platform was /vol/aegir/hostmaster-6.x-1.6
The Drush command is "php /vol/aegir/drush/drush.php"
The version of Drush will be 7.x-4.5
The version of Drush Make will be 6.x-2.3
Do you want to proceed with the upgrade? [Y/n]

Next, I logged back in a the Ubuntu user and moved Drush (/usr/local/drush) to (/vol/aegir/drush). Then I changed the /vol/aegir/drush to be owned by aegir:aegir.

Then I logged back in as the Aegir user and added a new alias with the new path to drush:

alias drush=/vol/aegir/drush/drush.php

Then I ran the script again and everything seemed to go smoothly.