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Rebuilding a TMGMT Job File

Today I had the need to regenerate an HTML file that was generated via the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT). Essentially, the HTML file that I needed to export was escaping all of the HTML tags. After fixing this, I needed to re-export the HTML file. TMGMT doesn't give you the option for this, for good reason, but since we hadn't imported anything yet, it was safe for us to do this.

Rather than re-add 200+ nodes to the TMGMT cart, we decided to delete the existing HTML files that were generated and reset the TMGMT tables with the following SQL:

First, reset all of the items state. Be sure to replace YOUR_TMGMT_ID with the ID of the job you want to reset.

  1.   UPDATE tmgmt_job_item SET state = 0 WHERE tjid = YOUR_TMGMT_ID

Next, Update the tmgmt_job table with:

  1.   UPDATE tmgmt_job SET state = 0, settings = 'a:0:{}' WHERE tjid = YOUR_TMGMT_ID