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Postfix Message Queue: Delete messages from a specific sender and to a specific recipient

I arrived this morning to a Postfix mail queue with more than 14,000 messages queued up. After inspecting the queue with

postqueue -p

I found that most of the messages were from a single spammer to a specific user. In order to clear the queue of these spam messages, I found the following bash script to delete all messages from a single sender to a single user:

SmarterMail - Clearing the Spool of a compromised email account's spam messages

Recently we had a spammer compromise a weak password on one of our SmarterMail installations. Over the course of a few hours, the spammer had racked up over 15,000 messages in SmarterMail's spool, not to mention the amount of messages that were delivered successfully. To get our server running normally while clearing out the spam messages we followed the following steps: