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Add New Version of jQuery to Drupal 7 Theme

Today I needed to add the newest version of jQuery (1.7) to a custom Drupal 7 theme that I was building. I initially used the jQuery Update module and hacked the replaced version of jQuery with the version I needed. I know, this was not the best practice, but this was a rush job and I was in a hurry (don't hack the core, or any contributed modules for that matter!). Everything was working fine until I wanted to add a new field to a content type and the form quit working in the admin overlay, which was using the Seven theme. Crap!

jQuery Photo Galleries: Some awesome ones I've found

This is a list of some of the more unique, excellent photo galleries I've come across.

Full screen, would be good for a touch screen interface:

Another cool gallery with a polaroid look and sliding galleries: