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Drupal 8: Theme suggestions for content type AND view mode.

I was trying to theme a specific vocabulary and a specific view mode and the suggestions, by default, didn't allow for this. After some searching I came across this article, which mentioned using the hook:


So, I added the function below in my .theme file to make the following template suggestion available: 'taxonomy_term__VOCABULARY__VIEW_MODE'

Drupal 8: Cautions in Configuration Management

I was working on a new Drupal 8 site and had a new geolocation view setup to show locations on a Google map. Everything was working well, then I decided I wanted to add a new field to the node and include that field in the view. After adding the field to the view, I decided against using it and deleted the field from the node (before removing it from the view). This, in turn, deleted the entire view, which cost me a days worth of work! I had not exported my configuration prior to adding this field, so I had no way of getting my view back without restoring my database from Time Machine.