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How to add a class to a Drupal 7 region

Today I needed to add a class to a Drupal 7 region and found the lovely template_preprocess_region() function to do the dirty work for me. With this function, you can easily add any class to your regions with the code below.

In a nutshell, you find the region you want to add the class to and then append your class onto the end of the classes_array variable.

Having a node's field show in a block region.

I'm currently building a website that has a three columned layout. The left most column contains the navigation elements, the center column contains the body, and the right side column contains supporting text for the article. So I created three block regions in my theme: left_sidebar, content, and right_sidebar. The problem I ran into was that the text in the right side column was different for every node. Having the user create a separate block for each node seemed very inefficient.

jQuery Photo Galleries: Some awesome ones I've found

This is a list of some of the more unique, excellent photo galleries I've come across.

Full screen, would be good for a touch screen interface:

Another cool gallery with a polaroid look and sliding galleries:

Deleting File Attachments with Drupal's node_save() Function

Today I ran into an issue of needing to programmatically remove file attachments from a node. To accomplish this I referred to the upload_nodeapi() function and found the upload_save() function. After examining the code I found that upload_save looks for the 'remove' parameter for the file object. If $file->remove exists, the file will be deleted from the database and file system. So by adding the 'remove' parameter to the files I needed removed before calling node_save() results in the files being removed from the node upon calling node_save(). Done!

Drupal 7: Feeds Import: Generating the correct .csv

Today I needed to import about 2000 user accounts into a new Drupal 7 database. To do this I decided to use the Feeds module which includes a Feeds Import module. Perfect! First, I went to the feeds admin interface and setup the import by mapping all of my fields to the .csv. Next, I opened Excel and generated my spreadsheet. Once that was completed I saved the spreadsheet as a .csv file and tried to import. The form returned with the following message "0 users created". WTF!